About PostScriptum

Since 1991 we utilize continuously and reliably digital technology all its instances in order to enhance cultural communication.

We support cultural reference agencies with innovative actions while building networks with their communities, education, tourism, creative industries and the economy in general.

We offer consulting services to:

  • develop digital strategy as well as online and physical communities.
  • manage, edit and enhance cultural goods in a digital manner.
  • manage intellectual property rights.
  • combine effectively a wide range of funding tools.

We undertake studies and manage projects for Museums, Archives, Libraries and Galleries that:

  • promote pioneering ideas and best practices
  • connect the physical space with the digital world suggesting experiential design solutions
  • implement new business models in digital media utilizing open standards as well as open and reusable content.
  • bring together experts from various fields of cultural management in a participatory process.

We are different because:

  • we know and constantly research on European digital cultural policies and business policies of our customers and we operate in an international and interconnected digital society as well as best practice networks.
  • we develop audience and social impact of our customers and recommend sustainable solutions by implementing a holistic approach to cultural management.
  • we have an extremely wide network of partners (individuals and institutions) in Greece and abroad, which is used to maximize the impact and outcome of our projects.

Current openings

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